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Yisroel Chaim revisited

Yisroel Chaim, the star of yesterday's Beams, shot to the top of our reader-feedback list. Loads of folks want to know his full name so they can daven for him.

With Hashem's help, I spoke to the wonderful people at the Zichron Menachem Association, the support group for cancer-stricken children and their families that produced yesterday's video clip. Efrat, Zichron Menachem's friendly spokesperson told me, "His full name is Yisroel Chaim ben Shoshana, but thank you, rabbi - we no longer need prayers for his recovery..."

It turns out that the film clip from yesterday is a year old; since then, Yisroel Chaim has received a completely clean bill of health. The nasty Big C has disappeared.

In my humble opinion, Hashem's blessing was enhanced by Yisroel Chaim's unshakable emuna, and by the phenominal efforts of Zichron Menachem. They do wonders for children like Yisroel Chaim, as you can see here.

Established in 1990, Zichron Menachem (ZM) is named in memory of Menachem Ehrental, an Israeli boy who battled cancer for over 14 years - from age 18 months until his young death. Drawing on their vast experience as parents of a cancer-stricken child, Menachem's family founded ZM as a non-profit organization aimed at easing the suffering of young cancer patients and their families. They are doing phenominal work.

Often, we receive inquiries from people looking for worthwhile charities. Put Zichron Menachem on your list, and be a partner in saving lives and putting smiles on the faces of children that are so courageously fighting for their lives.