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Yosef Karduner and Lazer in Bet Shemesh - a photo essay


Yosef Karduner is the pride of Breslev. Not only is he a giant of giants (for Breslev boasts some of Jewish music's greatest musicians), but he's a true chassid. I don't think that there's anywhere else on earth where one can find such top-of-the-charts talent together with humility, kedusha, and wisdom. It takes a Rebbe Nachman of Breslev to raise a Yosef Karduner.


Last Thursday night's shiur at the Carlebach shul in Bet Shemesh was a highlight. I spoke for 10-minute stints, and Yosef sang in between. His presence and his music added a wonderful uplifting dimension to the shiur.


At the end of the shiur, we sang "M'Kimi" together. Yosef is a cherished friend and brother. His music warms your soul, and brings you closer to Hashem.


With Hashem's help, we hope to receive a video of the shiur soon to share with you. Meanwhile, see and hear Yosef singing "M'Kimi" in NYC, here.

Photos courtesy of our special Beam-team commando in Bet Shemesh, Bobby Rosenberg