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The Rise of Mister "V"

Mister V
- a superficially or deceptively attractive appearance, display, or effect (Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, pg. 1387)

barak (Hebrew) - lightning; flash; glitter, shine; veneer

Mister V is a great code-name for Bara(c)k Hussein Obama for two "V" reasons: First, according to the way we're reading the spiritual map, BHO will be victorious in the upcoming Presidential election. That's right, it looks like he'll be the next President of the United States. Second, he's got the best veneer in town, a smile that Colgate or Crest would pay millions for, and a kaleidoscopic tongue that plays whatever music his listeners want to hear.

Hashem makes drastic changes overnight to expedite the process of Geula, the full redemption of our people. Overnight, an insignificant beer-guzzling Austrian barstool-jockey corporal named Adolph Shicklegruber (aka Hitler) came out of nowhere to become the Fuhrer - the absolute dictator of Europe's most cultured nation that also overnight turned into a country of bloodthirsty savages.

Mister V is part of the Geula blueprint. Hashem took him out of nowhere too. He hasn't even finished his freshman term in the Senate, and he's already the Dem's candidate for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW. How did it happen?

On July 27th, 2004 Senate candidate Barack Obama spoke to delegates during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.  Some call it "The Speech", a 17 minute star-making turn.  Obama walked on stage an unknown, and walked off as a star. Four months after the convention, Obama won the U.S. Senate seat in a landslide.

Now hear this: July 27th, 2004 was the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, "Tisha B'Av." This is a perpetual day of calamity for the Jewish people when among other disasters, both Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.

Mister V, finishing up his glittering tour of Israel today, has wrapped all the anti-emuna feeble-brained politicians around his pinky finger. Abu Mazen and Said Ereket of the Palestinian Authority are dying for Mister V to be elected. We know all the triple talk that he said to the Jews, but we don't know a thing of what he said to the Arabs. I wonder why they're so fond of him...

Your friend Lazer says once again that it's high time for teshuva. By teshuva, I don't mean simply going through the motions of Jewish rituals, but establishing a sincere and personal relationship with Hashem.

Don't think that the rocky road to redemption is only our problem over here in Israel. Many thousands of people are waking up here, for there's no lack of stimuli. But, if our beloved brothers and sisters outside of Israel don't wake up on their own, then the Global Jihad just might remind them that it's time to return to Hashem.

Here's a Geula prediction: Mister V will negotiate (and be buddies) with Iran, Syria, and everyone else, and Israel will stand alone with no one to turn to but Hashem. I like Mister V because I'm looking forward to that day. Wait and see how emuna will win and reign. This is getting exciting.


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