Shlomo Katz with Rabbi Lazer, tonight in RBS

Stress-buster: 3-minute Ancient Hebrew Meditation

It's unfortunate that so many people search the ends of the earth for some meaningful spirituality - a true, pure, and uncomplicated connection with The Almighty - when they're not even aware of their own fabulously rich spiritual heritage.

People ask me if meditation is kosher; if it brings you to cling to Hashem, by all means. In case you don't know, meditation originated with our ancestors, the ancient Hebrews.

Hebrew meditation is a form of "hitbodedut", or secluded personal prayer where a person yearns to cling to The Almighty with all his or her cognitive faculties, body, and soul. Nothing is so conducive to inner peace as merging with G-d, in the way that a small flame of a candle merges with and completely nullifies itself to a great flame.

By meditation, we communicate everything on our heart to Hashem, beginning with expressions of praise and gratitude. Then we do soul-searching, cleaning out those hidden cobwebs of past misdeeds that are liable to haunt us. The more we develop sensitivity and receptiveness by frequent daily hitbodedut, the more we are able to hear the soft flashes of Hashem's messages that illuminate our souls.

The following film clip is a gift to you, my dearest brothers and sisters, wherever you are. In less than 4 minutes, it will magically uplift you from the depths of stress and worry. True spirituality is somewhat like popcorn or potato chips - you always want more.

The music in this clip is Native American, composed by Grandmother White Eagle, esteemed elder of the Texas Cherokee nation and our very dear friend. Fiercely monotheistic, the Cherokee Nation has its roots in the ten lost tribes of Israel. The lovely native American melodies are therefore strikingly similar to the ancient Hebrew shepherds' flute, conveying a yearning to commune with God, as we see in this sea-side meditation based on the prayer "Nishmat" coupled with a Hebrew Tai-Chi style meditative exercise.  Feel free to forward this clip to someone you love, by clicking on the "permalink" and pasting the URL to an email. Enjoy and G-d bless.