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The Prophecy of Gushing Oil

Above image courtesy of AP, shows the oil slick off the Louisiana shore, reportedly now the size of the state of Maryland

With oil still gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and now reaching Louisiana's marshes and rivers, it looks like yet another prophecy is being fulfilled: 

"I will create sediment in their waters and rivers and make them flow like oil, the word of The Lord Hashem" (Ezekiel 32:14).

The Gemara that we learn this week (Sanhedrin 98a) says that when the waters are heavy with oil, and the fish can no longer live, then these are the days when Moshiach is imminent.

Our actions will determine whether Moshiach arrives joyfully or whether he arrives in the aftermath of more wars and national disasters.

The BP oil spill is yet another in a series of wake-up calls from The Almighty. It won't help to bury our head in the sand any more, because the sand on the beaches is rapidly being contaminated with tar.

Wake up to emuna, world. Life doesn't have to be disastrous.


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This is a perfect article! Thank you for writing it!
May we merit to see Moshiach come in peace TODAY!!!

Rabbi Brody,

Also see that the owner of this well is BP the present day incarnation of British Petroleum, whose interests the British protected by giving the East Bank of Israel to a Saudi Sheik.

2010. What a year so far...Haiti Earthquake, Unpronounceable Volcano Eruption in Iceland, White Whale in the Mediterranean, Gulf Oil Spill accident from "unnatural" seabed movement etc. etc...Any more signs needed of G-d's omnipotence for the secular sceptics out there ?

Moshiach is only a flight away from landing in the Holy Land. All of the divine jigsaw pieces are falling into place. The universe is stable, ordered, benevolent and expansive. G-d has a plan. He will not be denied. The Master of the Universe gave his divine approval of World Peace 2050 in April 2000. He is waking everyone up to assist in unfolding his plans peut être...

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