King David and the Flute
Sweetening the harsh judgments

Wolves and Briars

Someone asked me how to sum up current events in one spiritual-standpoint sentence: "If a flock of sheep is so inane as to stray from the shepherd - thinking that they know a better way to green pastures than the shepherd does - they'll definitely run into a pack of wolves."

One who strays off the path shouldn't complain when scratched by the briars.


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Puah yiska

Great mashul. R. Brody ur a great rebbe. U have the gift of consistently making the unfamiliar familiar as well as the familiar unfamiliar. I learned about this skill from r. Green of yerushalim and he taught its one of the greatest virtues a teacher has. I hope today that I have the courage to try this mashul out in all my affairs. Shabbat Shalom and good cohdesh.


Shalom! G-d willing, Ill be back at my desk on Sunday, June 20, 2010. With all best intentions, I cant guarantee a personal response to every single letter. Please refer questions in Halacha to your local rabbinical authority, and before you ask questions about spiritual guidance or marital issues, make sure youve read our relevant books and listened to our CDs on the subject at hand. Please direct questions about Aliya to our friends at Nefesh BNefesh. With blessings always, LB

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