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Let Hashem Worry

It's not our job to worry, especially about things that are beyond our control.

Many alarmist commentators - who unfortunately haven't learned the ABC's of emuna - say that Israel can no longer strike the Bushehr Reactor without causing widespread radiation contamination to innocent neighbors.

Personally, I'm thrilled. I've never been in favor of a preeemptive strike against Iran, for any military victory would certainly have a Pyrrhic element to it, with thousands of civilian casualties on both sides, G-d forbid. If the war wouldn't be global, it would certainly ignite the entire Middle East.

So what do we do? Wait until Iran develops the A-bomb?

Again, it's not our job to worry, especially about things that are beyond our control. Hashem won't judge the Jewish People on Rosh Hashana for not initiating a preemptive strike against Iran. He will judge us for not doing what we are supposed to do, namely, strengthening our emuna, readjusting body-soul priorities and living more upright lives.

Rav Shalom Arush, my beloved teacher and spiritual guide, says - with a big smile on his face - that we have no need to worry about Iran. Why?

No bunker-buster bombs can penetrate more than a few meters of rock or concrete. But, an earthquake can run miles deep into the earth. During recent weeks, there have been two major earthquakes in Iran, weighing in at 5.7 and 5.8 on the Richter scale, with a half dozen lesser tremors. The one on July 31st was only a few miles from Bushehr.

Hashem is showing us that with a snap of His fingers, there'll no longer be a nuclear reactor in Bushehr; the price - teshuva. Yes, we won't have to fire a shot. And, if you're looking for a historical precedent, simply go back to 1991 when Hashem dismantled the entire USSR without firing a single shot.

Iran? It's out of our control and therefore not our worry. Teshuva? Yes, that's an immediate option and within the realm of our ability to choose. Let's put Iran aside and concentrate on teshuva. For everything else, let Hashem worry.

Oh, and if the Iranian saber-shakers threaten to make the ground tremble under our feet, remember that Hashem does a turn for a turn; wait and see how the ground shakes under the Bushehr reactor. Now put a smile on your face 'cause there's no need to worry...



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This is right on point. Hashem will destroy Iran's nukes with a "natural" event!


I agree-whose earth is it, anyway? Anything man does, Hashem is always one step ahead of the game. They will be too frightenend to fire up the reactor after this!

Account Deleted

As soon as I found a link to the The End Of Nations story I said that lazer beams's frequenters absolutely should have a chance to read this link:

Puah yiska

Good article " co-authored" by two military heros. Emunah at this level seems so like we just surrender our entire humanness and watch the cards fall where they may? Requires willingness and in my opinion courage.

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