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Thursday, 13 January 2011


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Yaakov Bar-Nahman

Here are a couple more long waiting, have patience & emunah for birthing stories.
Rav Y.B. a son of a known true mekubal & Talmid Hhakham in his own right waited 18 years for his son to be born.
The wife of a son of the Toldoth Aharon is now expecting B"H. They waited "only" 37 years! That means both father & mother are their early 50's for their 1st child. Women take heart, don't be scared of late life preg's!!
My wife's 1st baby was at her age 37! & we have 4 more after that! don't let the "masked ones" (Dr's) scare you.
Years ago I had a neighbor who after 10 years of fruitless marriage was be nagged by family & "friends" to divorce his wife to remarry to try to get children. He refused. Instead he talked to HaShem. He said firmly "HaShem, I know that by halakha & tradition we should divorce to try other spouses. BUT we 2 love each other, you see how we have wonderful Shalom Bayit. So why should we split up? Please I want children with THIS wife." 10 months later "Mazal Tov"!

Puah yiska

..what's there to say other than ..thank you very much for the opportunity to connect and for caring so much unconditionally about klal Yisroel.

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