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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


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Michelle Nevada


And don't forget, Rabbi . . . all the ants you can see are females!

Look around at Sukkot. Who is making all the food, setting up for the guests, never stopping?

Look to your wives and take a moment to thank them.

It is not just the ant who works from sunrise to sunset!



"Meanwhile, if we were to remove the object that cast the shadow, and the emerging ants would not find shade, they'd kill the leader ant for lying to them. Ants don't tolerate the slightest form of dishonesty."

True, as the Talmud in Chullin illustrates by a story involving one of the sages. But aren't these little in-vertebrae who would lynch their leader engaging in "Ant-archy?"

Chag Someach, Aaron Parry, LA

BD Kaufman

For some more amazing perspectives of ant colonies see: http://www.antstuff.net/html/the_ant_city.html

ben Shlomo

A Jewish gent who took this very seriously was Milton Levine. Mr. Levine who just passed away last week at the age of 97, was the creator of the Ant Farm. Most people would be unaware of the little lesson the ant teaches, without Mr. Levine's help.

As a kid, he watched the ants, and according to a radio interview of his son, he incorporated the ant's work ethic into his own life.

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