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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


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Puah yiska

what a gentle fellow obm. So much to say about his message. One highlight is his serenity with his lot. I struggle so much with letting Hashem lead. Thnx so much for the consistent "foundational education".

Puah yiska

PS I need to clarify my reference to accepting my lot in my first post. I'm grateful to Hashem and I don't CV go around blaming him
On the contrary I thank him often and I pray to recognize all the blessings Hashem bestows upon me and my family. So it seems to me at this time I'm still struggling with me and the choices I've made thus far. BH someone gave me the most meaningful gift of my adult life which was introducing me and my family to this community and BH I have developed a relationship with Hashem and have been able to settle into my own skin gracefully and I can, when I have the opportunity, make choices grounded in godliness. With this being "written " I still struggle with flying off the handle when a painful situation occurs and iy"h today I may have more victories because of this inspiring post. Thank you.

J-m Rondeau

a very interesting way to describe life and what we are now living under the guidance of God.

Matthew Gaines

Thank you Rabbi Lazer for remembering the message from the Hopi Indians during these changing times.

I wanted to also point out another quote from the end of the Red Crow video that you posted:

"You should learn how to plant something, that's the first connection...

You should treat all things as spirit.

Realize that we are one family..."

- Red Crow

What important things to remember!

May HaShem Bless You and keep you happy, strong and healthy! Please continue to bring these kinds of important articles to your readers.

Thank you.

Shabbat Shalom from Netanya

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