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Jerusalem or Bust

My special friend filmmaker Ari Joseph from Lakewood heard a story from me and put it to film. This not-too-dynamic dude is waiting a whole week to catch a ride to Jerusalem, hitchhiking by the side of the road. After 7 days of waiting and camping out, he finds out that Jerusalem is only a 20-minute walk down the road. It's a message for all of us - get it in gear! Enjoy the flick...

Jerusalem or Bust from Ari Joseph on Vimeo.


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I want to thank shalom arush for officiating at the wedding at yosefs tomb in shchem . shchem has many great mysteries not all revealed . my soul as a child was connected to yosefs soul . the vanities of youth have left me . im pathetic and wise as mby is described by ramchal . Im waiting for hashems Go sign to begin the redemption . EVERYTHING i told you in these emails is true !


final word / thank you for your prayers !!! but whatever happens hopefully this nissan all sources talmud, zohar , tikkunim , ramchal , gra say nissan is the month of geulah ! final word mashiach begs to come but its NOT HIM not by might but by my spirit says hashem , and elijah a still small voice . if i accomplish anything no acolades its for the rebbe for my soul for hashem may he finally correct and rejoice in his creation as he did with me when i was a young child .

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