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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


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Yaakov Bar-Nahman

Wow, this Cherokee has a special nefesh for a goy, likely has a nefesh connection to our nation as do several of his nation. He actually saw in his dream your "4 amoth al 4 amoth shel Atifath Shefa", something that not all of us have btw. Most Jews don't even have the ability to see this (though many could learn & develop it).


Don't get worked up over nonsense. Seven feet is not 7 tefachim. If anything, an Ama is much closer to a foot.

Instead of grabbing every person favorable to Jews as holy and righteous, impress upon them the Noahide Laws to follow.

For example, "Oh, you dreamt 7 by 7; Well that was so you should understand that you have an obligation to do 7 and pass that obligation on to another, to do 7!"

Yaakov Bar-Nahman

Ruffy with all due respect I think it is you who should calm down. You should also be much more respectful to a Rav who is far more learned than you & does a LOT more than you do. An Ama is about half a meter/yard. The 7 by 7 of a Sukkah has more significance to this person than you understand but here is not enough room to explain. Realise fella that Rav Lazer is overloaded as it is &has just returned from a long lecture tour & his time is even "shorter in stock" so had not the time to mention all possible meanings of the 7 by 7. Which is why I added the concept of 7 amoth of Shefa (see above comment). BTW in case you haven't noticed Rav Lazer does A LOT in the matter of waking people up to the 7 Noahhide missvoth. So you have to apologise to him on that point as well.
Shavuah Tov to all.



Shalom and Osiyo, this is Blue Otter. I am a Noachite. I have been involved with the Hebrew reconciliation (and with "Joes" in the Two House movement) movement since 2004.

I am known to a few orthodox and conservative rabbis here in the USA.

R. Foster Kawalder, leads a Conservative congregation in Shreveport, LA -- but keeps strictly Kashrut. I met him when I was nearly homeless in late 2009. Upon hearing me speak about the similarities between the Hebrew and Cherokee languages, strongly encouraged me to go on tour to Synagogues all over the USA. I felt I would only be met with skepticism.

My traditional Cherokee teacher COL John Duke USAF (Ret) was also a Rabbi. COL Duke was liaison to the IDF Air Force during Desert Storm. He was affectionately know in the traditional Cherokee and Hopi world as "John Red Hat" a name he was given as a teenager.

A Rabbi friend of mine in Ramat beit Shemesh, IL (who wishes to remain nameless) seems to think I have a certain "gift" as a Navim, a term which which I consider to be a dubious designation. Knowing what may happen isn't always fun, and is a real burden. It also helps one to become VERY unpopular. I could not help but notice the similarity between "Navim" and "navigator."

I interviewed the nameless Rabbi (who was once closely associated with the nascent Sanhedrin) on my podcast at http://Prophecykeepers.com in 2004. Later that year he read the Bat-Kol that I received on spring solstice of 1998. I was told in my sleep that early morning "In the future, the year 2005 will be known as The Year of The Great Havoc, because the weather will become so bad that computers all of the world may be shut down, so WAKE UP AND WRITE THAT DOWN." I followed instructions. The unnamed Rabbi landed in Houston to meet with Noachides the very same day Hurricane Katrina hit. He rode out the entire storm for weeks. That following November, he read a Toronto newspaper account of a meeting of UN Climatologists, who characterized the weather of 2005 as "havoc" and he contacted me. He said he felt that I was a Namim the The Nations. He asked me a lot of questions, chief among them was "Where was your father born?" He was born in Minnestota, but HIS father was born near the ancient Viking capitol. They lived on the same farm at Melby, Skaborgland -- all the way back to 1300, as far back as genealogical records were kept. The Rabbi explained that The Vikings were seeded by ancient Benjamites, which I found interesting, particularly since I was told in 1977 in a dream that my father, Leslie Alfred Anderson (Z"L) was a Benjamite. The Rabbi explained that my lineage through my fathers to my Hebrew tribe was unbroken, even though the Sinai covenantal ties had been broken 2732.7 year ago. It also explained some other things... like why my Torah portion includes the birth of Benjamin, why I was not breast fed, why was lastborn, and my closest sibling was 12 years older.. and and MANY other coincidences doubtless designed for Hashem to "get my attention" concidences way to numerous to mention here.

So, to my Hebrew brethren, I would repeat the admonition given to Horatio in Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

We are all simply shadows of our heroic ancestors.

Believe me, you haven't dream a dream until you have dreamed that you have taken the Oath at Masada, BUT HAVE NEVER BEEN TO ISRAEL.

And you DON'T want my "job."

COL John Duke reminded me to always remember, that spiritual gifts are just "jobs." Being a Navim just ain't fun. It tends to throw a wet blanket on party conversation.

If you would like to read how my tribe is getting the shaft, see http://AmericanIndianTeaParty.org

Even though we may the closest thing to traditional Cherokee in America, everyone, Hebrews and (what passes for) "Cherokees", (who were highly highly missionized) alike, call us "wannabees."

We'll see what Hashem has to say about all this... soon I hope.

This is getting old, and the s___ is getting binding here in America.

Shalom (and Gah Gey You Wee, which means I Love You)

Heyv, it is true!



I might add that the measurement wasn't TOLD to me in the dream, I simply estimated it -- because what was shown to me was a CUBE a little bigger than R. Lazer's height--so, it could have been 7 feet square, it could have been 10 feet square.

It was very mysterious, because it followed him around wherever he went. It was what we Cherokee people call a "female" rain... soft, protective, soaking, long-lasting, non-threatening, with no lightning or thunder... just like R. Lazer is... humble and nourishing.

Ever notice how plants JUMP up in height after a long soaking rain? Rain has a negative Gauss, or electrical charge. If you drink it exclusively, it will change the Ph balance of your body to neutral on and acid/base scale, and give you better health -- by allowing you blood cells to properly inflate, gather minerals, and move around in your blood stream. I know, because I ONLY drink this kind of water, generated by a Genie Water Wand (see YouTube), made by Intelwater. NO, I don't sell them, I just use them since the inventor gifted it to me 3 years ago.

Since then, my health has seen a dramatic change, and I have not changed my lifestyle or eating habits one iota. To me, it as Hashem's kind of water. Most all water has been through reverse osmosis, and through sewage treatment, and is a positive gauss.

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