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It's Here! The Universal Garden of Emuna

It's no rumor - it's true: there now a Universal Garden of Emuna, completely non-denominational, for all of mankind. If we want to save planet Earth of ours, then we should spread this book far and wide.

There's no bigger mitzva than spreading emuna in the world. We say thrice daily in the "Aleinu" prayer, that we await the day when all living flesh will call Hashem's Name. Let's invoke Divine compassion by hastening that day. You can use you maaser (tithe) money to buy these books and distribute them among your non-Jewish neighbors. One of the Arab judges in the Jerusalem Municipal Court read this book and told Rav Shalom that he should translate it into Arabic too. True emuna has the power to bring peace to mankind. There's no other solution.

Universal GoE


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