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Friday, 23 March 2012


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He Chroman

here the full video from the OU


101 = the archangel michael who is the holy lion of chesed on the mercava . this man feels pain , but is pure chesed to every jew who approaches him . michael is the cohen elyon of the 3rd temple he elevates the sacrifice of the cohen gadol therough the 5 worlds to ain sof . i ask the angel michael in the merit of this man of kindness serenity and longing for a world without amalak where the 3rd temple can decend from the 8th rakiah to plead against the impure chesed of ishmael at this hour and his angel lilit the wife of samael the angel of esau . Hashem has to remember his own halacha at this point in the merit of 1 tzaddik israel can live.but im still terrified because israel has joined the mixed multitude and not fought it as rav kahane did and his son did . in my own city the jewish bookstore they sell the zohar and rabbi nachman and praise hashems name while wearing kippot at interfaith gay marriages and the ketubas are in the store . i asked the young man at the bookstore how he can wear a kippah he said god is above me i said if he is how can you dothis to which he said it doesnt matter what they decide . the other manager of the jewish bookstore a gay gentile called the police on me. the seed of israel im warning you is in a place very perilious worse then before hitler . the one merit achminijav and hitler had they exterminated gays this is a great merit to god . the sod why achminijav is really strong with god is because he hangs the gays of iran tel avive makes the worst sin in the torah according to kabbalah sodomy . acceptance of sodomy is worse then acceptance of avodah zorah . ramchal explains the nations who are left understand this jonah went to ninivah because the gentiles understand this . yes ninvah is avodah zorah but its an easier tikkun then acceptance of sodomy . and no one accepts and praises and joins the left and sodomy more then the jew this is why god is ready to kill and burn every synagauge in america . elijah said to the prophets of baal stop wavering your eithe for baal acceptance of sodomy or for hashem fighting acceptance of sodomy . fire came from heaven and cosumed elijahs sacrifice . spiritual sodomy is worse then physical sodomy in some aspects when the harredi mitnagime sign petitions of there gedolime agsinst the holy settelers of yesha the only place left in the world where the god of israel can have a compfortable sleep this is spiritual sodomy of the erev zeir the learned rabbis the 10 spies who hung in th0e face of the sun . The whole dor was then given the death penalty not 1 entered israel but joshua and caleb all 5 million died .

Puah yiska

Thnku! How very special! He was so adel:) such beautiful words of chizuk! What a holy, holy man ... Thnku lazer beams for sharing!
Kul tuv, shabbat shalom and gutten Chosesh everyone....

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