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Erez's Song

Emuna Outreach and the Beams present this special tribute to Erez Levanon, of saintly and blessed memory, on the occasion of his fifth yahrtzeit, Wednesday night and Thursday, 7 Adar. Erez was a gentle and unblemished tzaddik that loved his God, his rebbe, his people, and his homeland. The voice and music is his, and the photos are of our gorgeous and hallowed Land of Israel. Come walk down the same paths where Erez walked...

For those who don't remember, Erez was brutally ambushed and murdered by Palestinian terrorists when he was in the middle of hitbodedut (personal prayer) in a forest below his home in Bat Ayin.

Rav Erez, cherished brother and true tzaddik, we miss you so badly.


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Nehama Julie Sharabi

What a beautiful tribute.

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