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Ploy for An Easy Birth

Rachel T. from Israel has discovered a ploy for an easy birth.

The doctors told her to expect a rough delivery because of certain complications, in this, her fourth childbirth. Rachel strengthened herself in emuna, and reminded herself that Hashem decides what kind of childbirth experience she'll have and not the doctors.

Rachel wrote me an email and said: "I went into labor at 9 AM on Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Rebbe Nachman's birthday. I figured that the best thing I could do would be to fulfill Rebbe Nachman's advice, to do an hour of hitbodedut (personal prayer). I went into hitbodedut, and started talking to Hashem. The stronger the contractions, the more I spoke with intent to Hashem. At exactly 10 AM, when I finished my hour, a healthy baby boy was born naturally with no complications. This was the easiest childbirth I ever had. You can guess what the baby's name will be..."

Hitbodedut in labor - what an idea for an easy birth! Mazal Tov to Rachel T & family. We here at the Beams pray that all expecting mothers have healthy pregnancies and safe and easy deliveries, amen! 


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J-m Rondeau

Our grand-daughter had a similar experience a few weeks ago. It was her first baby. Things seemed to require extra help. She heard the nurses say they may have to do a ceasarian.
She then prayed real hard to God she said. And suddenly things happened and in half an hour her baby girl was born easily and naturally.

Faith and the power of prayer is as real as night and day.

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