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Thursday, 29 March 2012


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Yet, he also tells the story of Rav Yitzchak Walker who refuses to leave the Ocean of Tears in Heaven until G-d has personally dried up all the tears. That it is a sin to tell someone who is suffering deep traumatic pain from infancy to stop crying because so much of that pain is related to living in armpits like the Ukraine for 1000 years, with entire family trees filled with young women gang raped by Cossacks and/or Russians. Think Lara Logan 100 times over m'dor l'dor. Ashkenazic Jewish history is so filled with gut-wrenching suffering that just dancing through the pain will not heal a deeply wounded soul. It is kind of like painting a smile on someone bawling his eyes out. The person is smiling, but his soul is in torture. Reb Shlomo Carlbach understood this pain very well and told a multitude of stories about this. Not all emotional trauma can be covered over with cognitive will, especially pain from infancy which is pre-cognitive.

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