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Aliya: Like Cleaning for Pesach

My cherished and esteemed friend Doctor Arie Keehn, who is also a key partner in spreading emuna, send us a wonderful thought:  He was walking home from synagogue at the termination of Passover with his friend, Jay Wolf. Jay had mentioned that this was the time of year that they hung up a sign in his house that says: "Dust is not Chamentz and the Husband is not the Korban Pesach" (Pascal lamb). Arie asked if he could explain why people were not stressed to put away their Pesach dishes etc. in one night, but are overwhelmed for at least one month prior to the holiday.

Jay then related the message he gives to our brothers outside of The Holy Land. He likens Aliya to cleaning for Pesach. Everyone stresses out for that month prior to the holiday, but even though we are tired, at the end we get to celebrate the holiday of our freedom. Even more so with Aliya. Aliya is stressful during the preparation process, but in the end, we get to celebrate our freedom in our homeland. Every year we prepare for Pesach, but you only need to make aliyah once.

PS - The best preparation in the world for Aliya is reinforcing your emuna. Time to come home...


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maybe its not just once year and we have to keep going higher and higher. aliyah is not the end of the story we must bring all our fellow brothers to the land of israel and spread full observance and full emunah to our brothers and sisters who are already in israel.

Shlomo Walfish

Rav Kahane HY"D said.
It says in the the Hagada

A. This year we are here (Chutz laretz), Next year in Israel.

B. This year we are Slaves, Next year we will be free.

The Juxtaposition is:
1st part: When you are in Chutz laretz you are a Slave.
2nd part: When you are in Israel you are FREE.


I am a big follower of Rav Kahane Shlita but I was trying to express a similar point as the famous statement "you can take a jew out of galus but can you take the galus out of the jew" being in eretz yisrael is the first step but there is much more to do. we have top bring all the jews to eretz yisrael and we also have to spreademunah in eretz yisrael. If you move to ertez yisrael and you are not shomer mitzvots thats one step closer but we have to build up the nation to be the am yisrael we are supposed to be.


Also I believe Rav Meir Kahane Shlita says in the sefer ohr harayon that it is a chillul hashem that a jew cannot walk the streets of certain parts of our holy land and in certain areas in yerushalayim, God's holiest city, his holy people cannot walk.

So even us Jews in the holy land have a lot of work to do

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