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Fertility Enhancement

Dear Rabbi Brody,

Problem one: My husband and I are both healthy and fertile. I am very regular as well. Yet, we've been married for eight years and have not yet been blessed with children. The doctors say that there's no reason I shouldn't get pregnant, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

Problem two: Thank G-d, we are very compatible, yet we bicker a lot over non-consequential things. Our rabbi told us to have our mezuzos and ketuba (marriage contract - LB) checked, and we did - they're all fine. I'm at my wits end. What do we do? Appreciatively, Karen from LI

Dear Karen,

The bickering is expected, since you and your husband are quite up tight with month after month of anticipation, then month after month of disappointment. I know it's not easy, but you should both sharpen your self-awareness, and avoid the senseless clashes, especially during the time of the month when you can't be intimate. The tight nerves are also counterproductive to fertility.

You may find this odd, but have you and your husband ever asked Hashem for a baby? If you were here, I'd take your husband out to the desert, give him a canteen of water, and leave him on a hilltop for an hour to yell his heart out to Hashem. Since you're not here, go with your husband to a deserted stretch of beach on Long Island Sound, take separate directions, and cry your eyes out, praying in your own words - in English - and beg Hashem for what you want. Hanna, the prophet Samuel's mother, did the same thing. So did Isaac and Rebecca. Repeat this as much as possible.

Try to eat as naturally as possible. Your husband should eat figs, garlic, and warm eggs. You both should eat red or blue grapes as well.

If you're not pregnant within the next 60 days after taking the above advice, don't despair: Rebbe Nachman of Breslev writes that living in Israel is conducive to childbearing and to peace in the home. I would therefore suggest that you seriously consider moving to Israel. If that's out of the question, I would suggest two alternatives - one, give regular charity to a worthy cause in Israel, and that way you are in effect a shareholder in Israel, and second, fill your house with Torah-oriented books printed in Israel. Another good ploy that has helped loads of people is by spreading emuna CDs all over the place. Either way, with Hashem's loving grace, I pray that you'll be parents within the next 12 months. Peace and blessings, Lazer Brody

Lazer Receives National Critic's Choice Award

We had a pleasant surprise in Singapore earlier today: Robin Stienberg, President of National Critic's Choice magazine and website, presented me with the "Lifetime Achievement Award" for Jewish Inspirational Literature. All I can say is that I've been trying to be a faithful mailman, bringing Hashem's messages to people of all backgrounds. Thank You, Hashem - it's all Your honor.

Singapore Lit Award

Your Individual Path

Each of us has his or her own individual personal path. Our path in life is as unique as our fingerprint, in accordance with our mission in life, former reincarnations, and our individual tikkun. Although there are general tasks that each person must do on this earth, each person has a unique and individual way of completing a given task. One cannot attain happiness or fulfillment in life without ascertaining his or her unique path. Without personal prayer, this is virtually impossible. Personal prayer can't be found in any book; not only does it change from person to person, it changes within a person himself from day to day and from hour to hour, according to a person's current circumstances and according to the stimuli that Hashem sends at that given moment. - The Garden of Yearning

Miron Moments: First Haircut

By tradition, we give our little boys there very first haircut at age 3 - they get there new sidecurls, tzitzit, and begin learning how to read. A beautiful custom is to do the first haircut in Miron on Lag B'Omer; below, are two angelic images my camera brought home from Miron:

1. Little lad moments before his first haircut - 

046 (640x506)

2. "The Lone Tear" - a little cutie moments after his first haircut - 

044 (640x509)
Healthy little lambs grow up to be big strong rams...

Servitude as Freedom

Freedom from physical bondage is only bottom-level freedom. Freedom from bodily urges, such as substance dependancy, overeating and debauchery is higher level freedom; alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and lust incarcerate a person worse than a state pentitentiary.

Highest level freedom is freedom of the mind, when a person breaks the ball-and-chain servitude to conformity. One reaches the pinnacle of freedom when mobilizing his or her entire mental and physical resources in the service of The Creator. A servant of G-d is a master of body and soul.

The great benefit of being The King's servant is that one is free from serving anyone and everyone else. No feeling is as refreshing and exhilerating as real freedom, doing what you know and believe is right.