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A non-renewable lease

The Lesson of the Sycamore

On Yom Kippur, Iran's Achmedinejad once again repeated his threat to annihilate Israel. Predictably, less than a handful of nations voiced other than perfunctory luke-warm objections. As the Gemara teaches us, we have no one to depend on but our Father in Heaven.

Most suitably, this week's Torah portion - Haazinu - warns that our only chance of survival in the Land of Israel is by clinging to our roots.

The Sycamore tree is a living example of what the Torah's talking about; join me for a 5-minute boost of emuna...

Have a wonderful Shabbat and joyous New Year 5773!


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Robert G van Dijk


A wonderful New Year to the people of Israel!

May Moshiach come soon! May the land of Israel remain blessed continually!

Blessings and love always,

Robert G van Dijk, Amsterdam, Holland

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