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"It's Cool to be a Jew": Aluf Abir

This week has been designated "It's Cool to be a Jew" week on the Beams. We'll start with my esteemed friend who has been proclaimed as one of the world's six most legendary combat-arts Grand Masters, "Aluf Abir", Rabbi Yehoshua Sofer, whose family has preserved the ancient Israeli form of combat arts known as Abir, which means "knight" or "bold one." I took Rabbi Yehoshua to see the Melitzer Rebbe; the Melitzer was amazed at the depth and the breadth of his Torah knowledge. As the Grand Master of Abir, "Mori" (Yemenite for rabbi and teacher) Yehoshua is sought after by military special forces and law-enforcement agencies from around the world. Look and see why: