Perfectly Balanced
Footprints: The Story of an Israeli Soldier

Potential of the Soul

Using a neurosurgical scalpel for peeling potatoes doesn't make the potatoes smart; it only dulls the scalpel. ~ Lazer Beams

Allow me to translate the above quote into practical terms: Hashem gave you a Divine soul that comes with phenominal cognitive capabilities. Why dull its exquisitely bright illumination by muddying it with the gunk of TV, newspapers, DVDs and trash novels?

You know what that means? If The Almighty gave you the soul of a prince or a princess, then you should be acting like royalty in the king's palace. You shouldn't be rolling around in the mud like a crass country bumpkin.

Still not with me? OK, I'll go a step further: If you really knew how to sink your teeth and your brain into a page of Zohar or Gemara, you wouldn't have the patience to watch 22 professional Gladiators chase after an odd-shaped ball in an arena.

One of the first questions that the Heavenly Court asks is why you spent so much of your life in front of a TV set rather than developing your mind and your spiritual life. Purgatory is the embarrassment one suffers up there if he or she doesn't have a decent answer. Don't say that your friend Lazer didn't tip you off ahead of time.