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Sandy Koufax and Yom Kippur

Sandy Koufax is one of the coolest American Jews ever. Probably one of the best pitchers in history, he led the Dodgers to the World Series year after year. In 1963, he struck out 15 Yankees in a Series game, to break an all-time record. He was scheduled to pitch in the first game of the 1965 World Series against the Twins; the game fell on Yom Kippur and despite tons of pressure on him, he refused to play. This was one of the greatest sanctifications of Hashem's name in US history. Hashem rewarded Koufax with a perfect game that same World Series on September 9, 1965. Sandy, we wish you long and happy years!


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Rafi Hecht

Love the post, but technically, Sandy Koufax didn't no-hit the Twins that World Series. The only two pitchers to no-hit a team in a postseason were Don Larsen and Roy Halladay.

What I will give though is credit for him giving us Jews respect among Goyim. It wasn't long before that when Hank Greenberg had to negotiate his own way out of playing on Yom Kippur.

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