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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


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Gavriela Weidner

Don't over look the Holy City of Tveria (Tiberias) on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). That amount of money will get you a beautiful apartment with gorgeous views of all the Golan, Safed, Galil and, of course, the always beautiful waters of the healing Kinneret. We are also in the NBN approved cities, so come and check us out. And, plenty of observant people!!


We should also point out that there is a large kehila of English speakers in Tsfat too. So one can find a place in the Anglo speaking Israeli box which is actually very affordable. And Tsfat has a new additional benefit. One no longer has to ritch ratch up the hill from Rosh Pina. The new highway (Hwy 89) gets one from the main highway between Tiverya and Kiryat Shemona (Hwy 90) to Tsfat in about ten minutes!!

Tiverya is also beautiful, but because parts of it are below sea level, the heat and humidity in the summer time might be difficult for some who are accustomed to cooler or drier climates. Personally, I love Arad too. The word arid probably comes from Arad. So if you like dry heat, Arad is great, and even if it overlooks Massada and the Dead Sea, Arad itself is about 600 meters above sea level.


And what are you planning to do for work? I am asking because that has been my my main obstacle.

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