Double Concealment: You Don't Fool Us, Hashem!
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Emuna is the key word

Why is emuna - the pure and simple faith in Hashem - so seemingly difficult to attain? Simple - all of our spiritual luminaries from the Baal Shem Tov of blessed and saintly memory to our contemporary tzaddikim have stated unequivocally that the souls who come to earth in this current generation that paves the way for Moshiach will all have the obligation to correct the flaw in emuna (faith) from a former reincarnation. In other words, once you'ved attained emuna, you've achieved a priceless correction for your soul, and you've successfully performed your tachlit, the purpose that your soul was sent down to this earth. In other words, acquiring emuna is a mindboggling, monumental accomplishment.

There is no human imagination that can fathom the reward that awaits a person in the next world for attaining emuna. By the way, the benefits of emuna already have a wonderful effect on one's quality of life in this world.

The Yetzer (evil inclination) will fight you tooth and nail so that you don't achieve this correction, which once again, is your very mission on this earth. The souls who accomplish their tikkun emuna (soul correction of achieving faith) will be the heroes of the spiritual battle for Moshiach and redemption.

If you're in the North Jersey or NYC areas, or LA, Miami, Mexico City, Cleveland or Chicago, you're invited to hear a lot more about emuna. Take a look at our event schedule - clip on the link in the gray box at the top of this site. We'd love to see you...


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It is great learning about Emunah with my friend!

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