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The Sadigora Rebbe, zatza"l

Sadigora rebbe 007With tearful eyes and a broken heart, we're sorry to inform you of the passing of the
Sadigora Rebbe, Grand Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Friedman of saintly and blessed memory, this morning at the age of 84 in Bnai Brak.

No other great Chassidic leader in this generation so represented and fought for everything we here at the Beams hold dear. The Sadigora Rebbe was not only a monumental scholar of Torah and a man of utmost holiness and impeccable character; he was a lover of the Land of Israel and a fierce fighter against relinquishing territories to those who repeatedly vow to destroy us. The Sadigora Rebbe was a true spiritual leader and a rare gem of an individual. We mourn his passing and pray that he will intervene for us by the Heavenly Throne. 


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Amein, Oy vaVoy what a loss! He was truly a giant. Baruch Dayan Emeth.

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