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People ask me where I get the stamina to hold up under such a gruelling tour schedule, for each road trip is usually 17-21 days with multiple daily engagements and often more than 18,000 miles of traveling. The answer is, I get my energy - and everything else I have - from Hashem. But what keeps me going is my daily hour of personal prayer. I'd like to share with you this pictorial diary of the places where I was privileged to do personal prayer during one of our USA speaking tours two years ago. Yes, you can speak to Hashem in the USA too (only from Israel, it's a local call). The background music is from the Madregot, two fantastic Israeli singers, who sing Ever Cayona, "Wings of a Dove". Have a great Shabbat!


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Puah yiska

Beautiful! Thnx for sharing! Shabbat shalom!

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