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Sunday night at midnight marks the exact time when The Almighty split the Red Sea for the children of Israel. As such, the 7th day of Passover makes for a very inspiring day.

The same G-d who performed miracles 3325 years ago is still around today, performing miracles. Just because a miracle is subtle doesn't make it any less of a miracle. If you examine your own life carefully, you'll find endless miracles.

What's a bigger miracle than the human heart? Guess what - the same G-d that split the Red Sea is personally massaging your heart and mine this very second. No, He didn't create the world and then retire upstairs. He's still with us performing miracles, every second of the day. He's the same One that was at the Red Sea. Blessings for a wonderful Yomtov holiday!


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Another murdered Jew, this time in Shkhem. Another was seriously injured. Do you have his Hebrew name with his mother's name? More Tehillim for someone blown away by Arabs. Lazer, I am really getting tired of korbonot. And with May 15th getting really close, G-d help us.


I just found out that Ben Yoef Livnat, who was murdered after davenig at Yosef's tomb on the 6th day of Pesach, did not just have the same name as Yosef HaTzaddik, but he apparently had his brit milah at the tomb. He was therefore named after that same Yosef. He must have been a very holy soul.

Something else caught my eye. He was 25 years old. When was his birthday or his brit day? Do you know? Was it in November of 1985 around the time when Yehonatan Pollard was arrested?

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