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Due to the nature of the unit where I was privileged to serve in the IDF, our training was gruelling, long and forever challenging, both metally and physically. In one instance, during a night-time run with full backpack on rough terrain, my legs and lungs were about to give out. Anyone who wouldn't complete this run would be kicked out of the unit. I had no more physical strength. The game was about to be over for me. Suddenly, one of my favorite songs from way back when popped into my head: it was Ringo Starr singing, "It Don't Come Easy". I kicked into gear with a second wind and a surge of strength, playing that song over and over in my head until I finished the run. This is the song that became my personal theme song during all my years of army service. And thanks to you, Ringo:

The problem with the internet and Ipod generation is that they expect instant gratification, a great life with no effort. Sorry, youngin's, things don't work that way. If you want to succeed big time, you have to take The First Step. Read all about it in my article this week on Breslev Israel's web magazine.

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Is there another Chassidic rabbi on earth that will tell you that he got a boost in life from Ringo Starr? The thing I love best about you, Rabbi Lazer, is the way you bring your past into Torah, rather than throwing it away. If all the rabbis were like you, they'd have a greater rapport with the masses. I liked your article about LeBron and the couch potato too. Keep up the good work!


Dear Rabbi Lazer,

You are 1st a writer. 2nd, you are American. 3rd, you are an activist. 4th, you are a Rabbi 5th you are outdoor lover. You are a renaissance Rabbi

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