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Drip irrigation plants
Did you ever wonder why a greenhouse is also called a nursery, and the horticulturalist (also known as greenhouseman or plant farmer) is also referred to as a nurseryman?

Any plant farmer with a soul knows that his plants have souls. He cares for each plant like a baby, no matter how big his greenhouse is or how many plants he has. The same goes for a tree farmer with a soul; no matter how big his orchard is, he treats each tree as an individual, which in spirituality, it truly is.

In the photo above, taken from a greenhouse in the Samarian Hills, you see a classic example of drip irrigation. An individual hose and dripper reaches every plant, feeding it water and liquid nutrients just like a baby. The plants in the greenhouse are just like babies in a nursery. That's why the plant farmer is called a nurseryman, watering and feeding each one of his green "babies."

Don't worry about where your next meal will come from. Hashem is a much more loving Nurseryman than the best of tree farmers. He has His own method of drip irrigation to give us exactly what we need when we need it.

Overwatering and excess nutrients can kill a plant; Hashem knows also that excesses are not good for us, so we should always be happy with what we have. The Master Nurseryman knows what's best for each of us.


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