The Landscape of Israel
U'veshofar Gadol: Ushi Blumenberg


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Ira Berkowitz

We're davening for your daughter, Ira.

-- Chava and Ira Berkowitz (Hillel School, Class of '74)

Alan Margolies

What a terrific man and woman and a beautiful child. Hashem never makes a mistake! Tehilla is with the right parents.

Mrs. Andrea olivero

Shalom Ira,

I cannot explain how your song touched my heart. All I could do is cry. I feel so blessed that my daughter, Faith, born with the Charge syndrome, is now 37 years old and in many ways quite independent. My prayers were answered. The Holy One has blessed you
and your wife but most assuredly Tehilla.
She is one of the greatest gifts one can
receive. I know. Thank you for your beautiful song.

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