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Thursday, 15 August 2013


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The Native Peoples came to North America from Asia over an exposed land bridge in the Bering Strait thousands of years before the recorded history of the Jewish people. That's not to say that there weren't more recent migrations, including, perhaps, on the lost tribes.



my novice contention is that Cherokees are closer to the children av Rachel ie Shevet Binyamin or Shevet Yissakhar av Leah, due to their connection to wolves and hunting expertise [Inuit still practice the eating of blood after a kill]. Alaskan Indians' Bering-Mongel connection may also tie them closely with Sinit ie Kaifeng Jewry, Tibetan Jewry, Caucasian Jewry, up there in the northeast.


Another aspect to Shevet Zevulun may be their intuitive connection to Kiffitim, who are also characterized by Piracy. A prerequisite to be a descendant of Zevulun is a seafaring attribute, as well as a closer kinship ie "loyalty" to Shevet Y'hudah.


Based on how Druze decorate a sukkah canopy indoors in Shomron and how they lean portraits from sills [instead of hanging and hammering them into place with nails] that indicates chesed, a heavenly-minded attribute characteristic av Shevet Yissakhar.

Nechama Sarah

Could the Blackfoots be a break off from the same group that were the early Japanese; from a group of Israelis that migrated toward the rising sun, being he furthest they could travel to?

Nechama Sarah

Comment feed does not work. Where are my comments?


ten lost tribes is a leap; much more probably of the gerim who spread judaism around the world.


It is said that King Solomon traded with Central Americans (The book about the Mayans by Rabbi Glazerson talks about this, and the names Yoctan, Havilah and Ophir). Jews might have travelled across to the place currently known as America, and settled there.

More if you go to this blog, and read through the comments below by Rabbi Dov Bar Leib.


"Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, speaking of Ophir ben Yoktan (of the Yucatan Peninsula), his brother Havilah actually went further north into the Mid-Mississippi River Valley. As we see from the Torah the River Pishon flows through the Land of Havilah. So there are two Havilahs listed amongst the 70 nations. One is from Kush and is traditionally thought to have settled around the Nile (which is the source for the Pishon being the Nile). Yet, Havilah ben Yoktan brother of Peleg was in North America. Notice the word Mississippi. It is Pishom backwards. Ms and Ns are linguistically the same. So it is obvious to me that the pre-Columbian Indian civilization called the Mississippi Indian Civilization is the Land of Havilah spoken about in the Torah. Interestingly enough that would make the Mississippi one of the four rivers that come from Gan Eden. Also the world's largest supply of bedolach (quartz lime) is located along the banks of the river. There is also and abundant supply of shoham (Black Onyx) in caves whose headwaters lead into the Mid-Mississippi River Valley. So the question remains. Where is the gold in them thar hills (Ozarks and hill country of Western Kentucky)? It is possible that the gold is in the vast basin making up America's Middle. Both the Missouri and the Ohio Rivers empty into the area called the Land of Havilah. Also interestingly that part of the Mississippi is known as "Little Egypt" with cities like Cairo and Memphis along its banks (a miniature section of the Nile River itself). Happy prospecting.
12/31/2012 5:21 PM
Blogger Dov Bar-Leib said...

If you want more info. on the largest pre-Columbian Indian civilization in North America, look up Cahokia Mounds. The city was huge. It was close by to the Mississippi River. What is interesting is that they also made mounds on the other side of the River where they buried their dead. That is where St. Louis, Missouri was founded in 1764. It was originally called Mound City for that reason. What Chouteau and Laclede may not have known when they founded the city of St. Louis was that they were building a city on an ancient graveyard. The actual ancient city was across the Mississippi River in Cahokia, Illinois."

"mkf said...

Dov this subject of the Mississippi River basin etc. is fascinating to me. I am familiar with much of what you describe but i have never heard that it is thought the Mississippi could be one of the four rivers. As i mentioned in another thread i worked with the Cherokee and Ojibwe Native Americans and felt personally that they might be of the lost tribes. e.g. I was stunned to see in the Ojibwe museums, portrayal of their ancient priests in robes with bells and pomegranates on the hems. I can assure you that there are no pomegranates in Wisconsin or Minnesota ! But many things, language, names, traditions etc.. and more. There is also some thought by some that the copper mines in northern Wisconsin & MN - which were depleted by the time of Shlomo's reign, were actually mined by Melech David during his reign - expressly for the purpose of gathering materials in preparation of the future Beit HaMikdash. Lots of things will be revealed someday!"


Payos but no beard. I'm not convinced that there is much to go on here.


I lived in Blackfeet territory a few years ago, not far now, and am examining a job opportunity on the res right now. I didn't comment on this thread earlier, and I'm glad I didn't, as I've been able to view other's responses. Blackfeet traditions surround "the old man" and "the sun" and an apparent end time prophecy about "the bear" becoming dominant in the world. While they are a deeply respectable people, there are some important questions that need to be asked. Namely, why do they participate in their (and all other plains Indians) tradition of Sun dance (a festival of homage to the sun (primary life giver)), and why was their ancestral name "peigan" nee "pagan" after which we model all idolatrous practices. To the last question, they respond that the christian missionaries maligned the term pagan/peigan to malign their culture, and if you investigate the Canadian (I believe they're called) residential schools, the trail of tears in general, etc, you will see that there is a lot to back that up.




Rabbi Lazer I respect your positions and was only trying to enrich the conversation.




This latest information would qualify someone like Booboo and Fivel Stewart as progenitors of Crypto Blackfoot; there are birthday photo-ops of the siblings with Hailee Steinfeld.

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