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Thursday, 17 October 2013


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Rashi ztzl says in his peirush of parshat beshalach the nation of amalak makes us doubt ourselves and our connection to Hashem and our mission as being am segulah Hashems treasure of all 70 of the nations of the world . Rashi'ztzl says amalak = safek =240 =doubt. Imight add your peirush for us jews who waxed fat and kicked an expression Hashem uses on the name yeshuran . Dollar=240=safek=amalak=ram pride. Ramchal ztzl adds the nations of the world are like tall trees , he adds Yisrael is a soft lamb amongst 70 ravenous wolves and its a neis Hashem Yitbarach preserves us in exile . May Hashem protect us from the mighty wolves of cham amalak yishmael/ and esau while in golut . May the aliyah of the gadol hador Rav Ovadia Yosef subdue our internal enemies ie our own lack of perfection and our external enemies cham yishmael esau amalak.



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