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Sunday, 24 November 2013


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While I appreciate your analysis of this situation, please also be sensitive to different cultures. There are many fine young women in former British colonies with "Kerry" as their first name. I know a number of them and they are decent human beings, who love HaShem and treat others very well, and respect their fellow man. "Kerry" is also an Irish word which means "black" or of "Ciar's people" or of the County of Kerry in Ireland. You make it seem as if it is a crime to have this name. I think the name is a beautiful one. It is unfortunate that it would mean something bad in the Hebrew language.


I thought that Kerry meant "accidental" or "happenstance". That would me if we walk in a manner where we look at the world as happenstance, then HaShem will simply let accidental things "happen" to us.


it's not about the name Kerry. it's about the man who just so happens to have the name Kerry, that was given to us, by HaShem.

it could have been a man with any other name, but it HAD to be Kerry.


Now try to find where in Tanach you can "stick" the word "Obuma".

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