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When the Words Don't Come

Hitbodedut in Shilo

You've finally circumvented the Yetzer (evil inclination), and now you're all set for a beautiful hour of Hisbodedus (personal prayer - speaking to Hashem in your own words - alone - with no one else around). You take a walk in the park, out in the field, or down by the river, you open your mouth - wanting to pour your heart out to Hashem - and nothing comes out! How frustrating! What a letdown.

Don't fret; here's what to do when the words don't come - sing a niggun! A niggun (melody) uplifts the soul, puts wings on your heart, and breaks the grip of the vise that the Yetzer has clamped on your mouth (the last thing he wants you to do is to talk to Hashem!). After singing a niggun for a few warm-up minutes, the words of personal prayer and love for Hashem will flow forth like a fountain.

When I have this problem, I take a flute and start playing whatever comes to me wherever I am in our beautiful homeland. Then, the right words flow forth. That's how Calming Waters, Judean Dream and Whispering Soul came into being. King David used to do the same thing. Have a wonderful day, and may you always have a song of the Land of Israel on your heart!

Bright White Teeth

Dentist Appreciation Day

A most important of emuna is gratitude, not only to Hashem, but to all those wonderful people who do favors for us.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to our dentists, for helping us maintain the attractiveness of our smile. A good dentist surely helps to keep his patient healthy, but does he realize that he helps his patients to save other people's lives?

For sure - a smile can save a life. Read all about it in my feature article Bright White Teeth in this week's stimulating issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Emunah Outreach has a prodigious task to do in spreading emuna around the world. Currently, we're doing our best to make emuna books and CDs available to every Israeli soldier, but we need your help. Your generous support of Emuna Outreach is IRS-recognized and tax deductible. There's still time to donate online and have the write-off on your 2013 income. Become a full partner in helping Breslev Israel spread emuna the world over by clicking on the "Support Emunah Outreach" donation button on the top left-hand toolbar of this site. As Rav Shalom Arush says, there is no greater mitzva. 

Help Us Keep Israel Strong


Last Thursday night, a Katyusha rocket hit Ashkelon, six miles south of where I live. The anti-missile batteries have therefore been redeployed in the South of Israel, one in a particular field where I do my personal prayers from time to time. There's just one deficency in the newly deployed military vehicles that have now arrived - they're not outfitted with emuna books and CDs.

Until last year, there wasn't a soldier or tank in the south of Israel that didn't have access to emuna books and CDs, thanks to your generous donations to Emunah Outreach.

To keep Israel strong, we must urgently arm the IDF with more emuna. We need your help. You can donate online by clicking the "Support Emunah Outreach" button on the upper left-hand toolbar of this site. Your contribution is USA-tax-deductable, so with only 3 days left to 2013, now's the time to do something really meaningful with your tzedakka money. Have a great week!


Dear Rabbi Lazer,

I've read all the wonderful books you translated by your teacher Rabbi Arush. They changed my life and saved my marriage. I also drove three hours to see Rav Arush and you when you came to Los Angeles before Chanuka. I watch Breslev Israel, read Lazer Beams, and listen to all of your shiurim, but I think I need more. What can I do to follow through and move forward with my emuna? With appreciation, Dennis from California

Dear Dennis,

Have you thought of moving to Israel? Chut Shel Chesed, Rav Arush's yeshiva in Jerusalem, now has an English-language kollel headed by Rabbi Dror Moshe Cousotto who is fantastic. This could be wonderful for you. Also,our dayan and posek, Rabbi Elchanan Elgrod, is not only brilliant but an English speaker as well. If that's not enough, you can also hear shiurim by Dr. Zev Ballen, our emuna psychotherapist, and other leading rabbis. But, until you're here in person, you can catch all of them - including my shiurim - on the Breslev Israel VOD page, online. You can also have a taste of their shiurim on the right-hand toolbar of this site. Take advantage of it, and start considering aliya. With every single blessing, LB

Hand-in-Hand or Hand-to-Hand?

Rag and mop

No, that's not a very pretty picture, but wiping the floor with the person you stood under the chuppa with isn't pretty either.

In marriage, there's no middle-of-the-road: it's either hand-in-hand or hand-to-hand.

The Zohar tells us that a couple is two halves of one whole. Do you realize what that means? If you consider your spouse a rag, then you're you're no better than a mop. But if your spouse is a queen, then you are a king (and vice versa).

It pays to treat our partner-in-life like royalty, for that's what they really are. Take the first unilateral step, and see what you get back, but give in order to give, without expectations of receiving. It works - be patient and you'll see.