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Parshat Beshalach: Silence is Heroism

A Life-saving Smile

Lifesaving smile

Imagine this scenario: you lived a decent life, but you don't consider yourself the most righteous person in town. Yet, after your 120-year go-around on this earth, you reach the Heavenly Courtroom and you're greeted by an honor guard of tens-of-thousands pearly-white angels, together with an angelic choir singing in 16-part harmony in your honor. You can't believe it. Your Heavenly escort explains to you that all this truly belongs to you. How?

Once, there was a person who was so depressed that he was contemplating suicide. You smiled at him, cheered his spirits and restored his self-esteem, so he shelved the idea. That person later married and had children. All his mitzvas and the mitzvas of his offsping for generations to come will all be accredited to you, for you saved his life. And you did it with one smile...

My feature article in this week"s issue of Breslev Israel web magazine, Saving Lives the Easy Way, is vital food for thought.

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Have you heard about the upcoming Family Weekend in Uman?

Bright Beams blessings for a beautiful week!


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Dear Rav Brodie, your way of love and truth is the closest ive seen to Avraham Avinus . My father and I read you and love you and Rav Arush shlitah. May Hashem speed the geulah in acherei shenah , so rebbe nachman can have techiat hamaseem and teach us Torah till the year 7,000 where we enter the cosmic shabbat , the rewards of souls for this life.

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