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Thursday, 09 January 2014


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Lori, The Netherlands

Thank you for sharing this. Society is plagued with bullies and we wonder where did the kids learn it from.

This video hit home for me, as a young teenage girl I witnessed a boy being terribly bullied. I stood up to defend the boy that was being bullied. I was the only one and the smallest one. The boy attempted suicide right there in front of my eyes. I ran to a teacher to get help while kids stood around.

I never saw the boy again until years later at an accidental meeting. He jumped up when he saw me to "thank me for standing up". He said to the people around, "she was so little, you really helped me. I never got to thank you". My heart filled with joy. I told him, "It was the right thing to do"

I speak up against mockery to this day. It is forbidden in the Torah.

Thank Rabbi Lazer Brody for focusing on this matter.

daniella chaya

I think its really important to diffrenciate between bullying and bullies.
I was a bully as a child (nothing physical, but verbal bullying) and it caused me tremendous pain. I would bully and then cry for hours after. I felt worthless and stupid and used bullying as a coping/defence mechanism against all the horrible feelings I had about myself. Thank G-d, when I was 14 I became religious and I was fianlly able to be myslef (a compassionate, kind, bright, loving, giving, empathetic person), and just like any other coping/defence mechanism (drugs, eating disorders etc.) its very hard to pull yourself out without help.
I think that its very important to help bullies, becuase very few are really "bullies" - they are mostly people carrying around immeasurable pain and self loathing and if only they were able to be helped they could have serious turn arounds and be given the gift to live as their true selves.
I also don't think that G-d despises me, or that he ever despised me. I think that He always beleived in me and He sent me the help that I needed to 100% completely change my ways.

Most bullies are children who don't yet have the tools to deal with the pain that they are feeling, and they wish with all their hearts that they knew how to change on their own.
So G-d might despise bullying (I deeply despise bullying too), but I don't think that He despises bullies.

David Samual

The Second Temple was destroyed because of baseless hatred. Our last tikkun is "Do not covet" as is the last of the ten commandments. We are not passing this test because we are coveting and due to that, we are also bullying. If we want to see Moshiach, this has to stop. Hashem is making it loud and clear that baseless hatred has to vanish before we see the Third Temple. It is up to us.

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