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Happiness Milestones

The entire purpose of all my books, CDs, and lectures is to help people live healthier and happier lives by strengthening emuna and getting closer to Hashem. Some folks measure success in money and fame; neither of the two appear in my list of priorities.

Talking to Hashem, seeing His wisdom in every creation, and learning His Torah make me happy. I love to backpack all around our exquisite holy homeland. I also love hearing your good news. Since the month of Shvat is special for good tidings, I want to share with you a few choice happiness milestones of fellow Beams readers, that have resulted from their listening to our books and CDs:

* Dennis from the USA has been cold turkey on alcohol for 6 months now.

* RS from South Africa has traded his former addiction to porn sites on the web with Tikkun Klali, mikva, daily personal prayer, and Arush-Brody CDs - he writes me that he hasn't looked at an immodest picture in over 6 weeks

* David and wife have scrapped their plans for divorce. They just finished learning 30 minutes of "The Trail to Tranquility" together every night, and they've just started learning The Garden of Emuna.

* 9 months ago, the doctors told Morris from Canada that he had 3 months to live; smiling Morris is still with us, putting on tefillin and talking to Hashem for an hour every day. He no longer needs blood transfusions.

* William from Florida was unemployed for 3 years. His confidence was shot and so was his marriage. A month after he began listening to our CDs and talking to Hashem every day for an hour of personal prayer, he landed a great job at $8K more than he had ever earned annually before. He writes, "Rabbi Lazer - tell everybody that I said that emuna works miracles!" 

And more...  These are the type of things that make me the happiest person on earth. When your goal in life is emuna, you walk around with a sparkle in your eyes and a smile on your lips all day long. Thank You, Hashem - for everything. And thanks to you, dear friends and readers, for sharing your wonderful news.


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Charles H. Gardner

I have read Trail to Tranquility 3 times, Garden of Emuna three times, I've read the Forest Field twice, I on my second time of Garden of Graditude. Last year I became observant, Kosher, I put Tefillin on every morning,and do my prayers morning and night.
My life has never been as happy as now. Everyday is a new day, with Hashem, He puts my day literally in order. Just recently I started a Daily Dose of Gemara. Hashem is opening my heart and mind and drawing me closer to Him.
I thank Hashem for all of you and may you all be blessed by Him.


Thanks so very much for sharing this with us, Charles! Blessings always, LB

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