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Jews Boycotting Jews

My dear friend Gamlieli from the Pri Hagefen blog asked me to address a painful subject - Jews boycotting Jews. He told me the story about the very special people at Psagot Winery, north of Jerusalem. They are known to produce some of the finest wines in Israel, and in that case, in the world. Yet, many left-leaning establishments in Tel Aviv refuse to buy and serve Psagot wine because the winery is on the other side of the so-called "Green Line", the 1967 border. As such, Psagot is being boycotted by certain Jews in Tel Aviv. 

If Jews boycott Jews, then what can we expect from the nations of the world?

Hashem and the Torah tell us what the borders of Israel should be. Judea and Samaria are the heartland of the Holy Land. I have no doubt that such over-the-Green-Line companies as Psagot, Tanya and Shiloh will thrive, boycott or not. It's a tough test, but with emuna, they'll see Hashem do miracles for them. The prophet Jeremiah promised (see Ch. 31) that this area would flourish with vineyards. They're here to stay.

Tell your local wine store that if they don't start stocking Judea and Samaria wines, you'll find a store that does. My answer to the boycott will be by gracing my Shabbat table with a bottle of wine from our beloved brothers in Judea and Samaria. We pray for their success.


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May Hashem not torch this city , for theres fire in his nostrils , gay tourism , parades in the holy waters of the mediteraneans . Choosing a café over words of tehillim in the holy land . To top it off hatred of the righteous . If one fears Hashem leave this place .

Y B Heynemann

Dear Rav Lazer
Kol ha kavod for the article, it seems Divine Providence dictated that today's tehillim, chapter 98 is in the category of "to make peace between people".

Yehuda Baruch
Melbourne, Australia


It seems with Avraham ,Hashem left him at the number of 10 , it seems Avraham would have gone to a lower number with sodom and emorrah . But on the other hand Hashem made sure Avraham didnt dwell in sodom so his perspectives werent like Hashem yitbarachs who said there is a great cry of evil from this place I must not tell Avraham for he will pray for reshaime . Which he did. I believe we are at a similar interval in jewish history now . Lazer please share your perspective . Every day lazer Hashem is showing me decent strong potential bnei noachs , they see im a jew ie tzizit etc , they cant understand why the people of the book is so left to the point of sickness 75-90 % support 2 states and homosexual marriage . As for Yehudas comment tehillim is for mitigating judgement and tshuvah not for blind love . We had 2 "messianic " figures in our history yell blind love etc jc and shabatai tzvi . Ayn chachmah ayn yirah ayn yirah ayn chachmah Pirke Avot .


The test of being boycotted by the world will last anywhere from 8 to 20 months. That is it. We are at the very End. By Motzei Shmittah it is all over. In the meantime, the Republic of Judea will be established in Yesha with its own underground army lead by Mashiach ben David. The leader of Israel will do what is necessary to avoid BDS sanctions and boycotts. They will free the Jews in Yesha to take on the entire world as foreign troops show up in the Jordan Valley. This will be the recipe to allow Mashiach ben David to rise. It will all be over within 20 months. It is much easier to count months when that number is under 20.

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