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Avi Silver, of blessed memory

Tale of Two Shidduchim

Fishing for a mateSometimes you hear amazing stories. Other times, you live them...

In the course of my work as a rabbi and spiritual guide, Hashem enables me to see phenomenal things - the type of things that one never forgets. Nothing is so profound and educational as life and personal experience.

Over the years, many people of sought my advice in seeking their bashert, their intended soul-mate. Some have listened and some have not. I have seen people choose partners and get married with all different types of motives. Some have sought the amenities of this world, and others have opted for next world. Hashem has shown me the outcomes too.

I want to share an amazing story with you, about two totally different shidduchim (matches) that I witnessed first hand and can personally attest to the details (even though the names of those involved are changed to protect their privacy). If you are looking for a soul-mate, or if you have a child, relative or close friend in shidduchim, you must read this Tale of Two Shidduchim, my feature article in this week's amazing issue of Breslev Israel web magazine. 

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Have a wonderful new week with every single blessing!



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