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Thursday, 23 January 2014


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During this time, we need to turn to Hashem Who is the only one that can help us


i went to the funeral of the two little girls today. there was a lot, a lot of soul searching done by the rabbinim who were trying to pray and talk with great difficulty because of all the crying and tears..

it was actually beautiful to see and hear the soul searching such a sad time. very powerful

yes you are right. the nation needs to wake up quick.


Maybe this is also a warning about Auschwitz borders that some of the Jews who may or may not be real Jews are proposing just to get the world to love them a bit more?? We have a very sick Avodah Zarah amongst way too many Jews. It is the sickest of all modern Avodah Zarahs. It is called Popularity, but the only real popularity that they are concerned about is their own often at the expense of others who are not loved by the goyim such as settlers. That is why they hate settlers. They want the world to love them even to the point of setting up Auschwitz borders and putting their own lives in danger just for some worldwide popularity. It is truly truly sick, but it seems that about half of the Israeli population worships this avodah zarah. I would argue that it is worse than Molech because everyone is placed in danger by this avodah zarah. So this would explain the deaths by "gas".

Sarah Lin

Sometimes I don't understand...if someone goes into our homes and murder our families, rape our children and women, and try to burn away the evidence, wouldn't we do all we can to take action? It is non-negotiable, but when it comes to Israel, it is all negotiable. If we win, we lose, if we lose, we lose. Why can everyone else learn from history except us??

Daniel Weltman

Inexcusable! Please do not hijack the death of the innocent to make your political point. Even though I agree with your political point here, as a parent who has lost a child, I am always shocked at the insensitivity and temerity displayed when anyone, especially a stranger, tries to give a reason for the tragedy.

There is no way to engage in this type of activity without disrespecting the grieving families and cheapening yourself. Make your point without using the dead as show-and-tell props.


Gas is unseen but deadly, and yet was working unseen to destroy. So our government does when they secretly plan to give our holy Har Tzion to the Jew-hating Vatican, and full control of the holiest place in the Universe to the Jewish people to the pereh adam.


BS"D The problem is one in source and many in its expressions. The source is the constriction of consciousness ("Ruah") to a point of "goyishe" functionality, where Jewish families in Israel have homes,and insurance, and an army, but too many of our people here are sick, and broken from the Erev Rav anti-HaShem, anti-Torah false leaders, and when we finally unify completely - all those who really are here to serve in the Higher Truth, and to be conscious and to soon, b'ezras HaShem, receive Pnei Moshiach, then the "lies" of the decrepit Zionist empire will finally be discarded, and we will joyfully realize our true potential - as there is NOTHING that G-d fearing and G-d loving Jews cannot accomplish, when they unite and have the proper spiritual leader - not the Erev Rav puppets. Can you imagine in the very near future the real building up of the Land of Israel, household by household, street by street, community by community... until we will taste real lasting joy, and we will be a self-respecting people, proud to be close to HaShem, and strong and healthy.

Shimi Marcus

Did a rabbi just exploit an awful tragedy to make a shallow political point?

Hmmmm, let me see if "I can connect the spiritual dots" on this one. You are a bearded middle eastern man who believes that your specific holy book gives you exclusive control over all parts of Jerusalem. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem is also a bearded middle eastern man who believes that his specific holy book gives him exclusive control over all parts of Jerusalem. What is hashem trying to tell us?!!!

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