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Jealousy at Work

Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity

Judaism's two prime mitzvoth, learning Torah and praying, provide equal opportunities for the rich and the poor. No one can say in Judaism that they're denied the opportunities of doing both as much as they aspire. We learn especially from the mitzva of donating the half shekel that true Judaism is devoid of an elite or aristocracy. Read all about it in Equal Opportunity Mitzvoth, all about Parshat Shekalim which is this coming Shabbat, in my feature article in theis week's spiritually-nutritious Breslev Israel web magazine.

Purim is three short weeks away. On Purim, you really get to know a person. People think they're masquerading on Purim, but once they have a little wine, their true inner dimensions come out. So, in that respect, you see who they really are. See more in my pre-Purim article, Drunk on Love.

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Bright Beams blessings for a beautiful week!


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