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Healthy Eating and Genetically-Modified Foods

Life is full of decisions. One of the tools we have to make the right choices is to consult our spiritual guides in every generation. Breslev Israel is therefore happy to present our new question and answer series. 

Today, a young lady asks me about radiation in foods and genetically-modified foods. Here's my 6-minute answer, which will help you eat healthy and stay healthy.


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bs"d. when eating jaffa oranges, one has to be aware about the issues of terumos and maasros. this is partucularly important to point out to those living outside of eretz yisroel who very likeky may not be aware about this issue.


Yes, that's what I was going to put in my comment too - I actually ran into carrots in a local fruit store from Israel! It's interesting, it's a neighborhood with a lot of Jews but the store is not Jewish-owned so it's important to be aware of where things come from - and even more so when Shemita year comes. Thank you for reminding us about eating healthy!

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