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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


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The book 'HaMahapach' is also available in English. Highly recommended! Its called The Coming Revolution, see here:

kol tuv,


The English translation was published in 2008 so these books have been around for a while.

Akiva M

It's a spurious argument. The reverse argument is, why do we have so many wonderful perushim and incredible midrashim on Berashis, but suddenly when counting days are only willing to consider the pshat?

There is no reason to consider science and Torah incompatible unless you take a dogmatic stance on every statement of every one of chazal being literally true - which itself is not possible as there are conflicts between them.

Similarly, do you follow the medical instructions of the Gemora? Why not? If we're going to follow the literal words of chazal, we should be bleeding and cupping and changing the air as primary medical treatments - rather than antibiotics.

Biblical archaeologists are a different group, it's been their thing since the 1950's to deny the validity of religion (of any kind) - going with the basic "no evidence is evidence of there being nothing". The wonderful Ir Dovid project is turning them on their heads practically monthly as they find evidence of the cohanim, Dovid HaMelech, etc.

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