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Parshat Ki Tisa: Worse than the Golden Calf

What a Difference...

Has anyone noticed the official rhetoric from Iran lately? This is truly the atmosphere of historic Adar. Lately, Tehran has been broadcasting on a full volume of belligerence

A snake in the grass makes a quiet hiss before it strikes, so don't let Hamas's apparent quiet allow us to be complacent. Hamas too is preparing full steam for escalation at the time they deem right.

It's time for the Israeli Government to call off the dogs against the Yeshiva world and pay attention to the real enemy. Current legislative proposals would make Israel the only country in the world to incarcerate an individual for learning Torah, Heaven forbid. Let the government and the defense establishment here in Israel focus on the real enemy - Iran.

One thing our enemies score extremely high on is credibility. Iran means what it says. What a difference between Tehran and Washington, DC...

Really, the political and military pictures are nothing but a smokescreen. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev predicted this struggle over 200 years ago. He said that we'd have a double struggle, from within and from without, trying to attack our emuna. The odds are way against us, but the good news is that we'll prevail. Torah, teshuva and emuna are the weapons in our spiritual arsenal that will ultimately overcome every enemy. Make sure you join the right side.



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Leah Chantzi

Imprisoned for learning Torah. Wow.


It breaks your heart, especially if you're an Israeli patriot who loves Torah. I served my time in an IDF combat unit and still do reserve duty, but I recognize the contribution that the true Torah learners make to our security - nobody should mess with them and putting them in jail is for sure the sign of the Erev Rav, which the Vilna Gaon said would rule Israel before Moshiach comes. The IDF has so many freeloaders that do zilch all day - they don't need the Torah learners except to fight for the anti religious ballots at election time. BTW, Israel and North Korea are the only two countries in the world that draft women - that too is a waste. Reb Lazer - one criticism: why have you been so silent on these issues? We need you to speak up.

David Dome

I'm on your side Rav Brody .

Miriam Sara

Shavua tov everyone.
Honestly my first response to this information is this is the like what's illustrated on the Gog and Magog CD so I didn't have a huge visceral response since I believe in prophesy and that Hashem gave us each free will. It's very uncomfortable to know how divided the nation of Israel is and it's really not healthy for the children too, in a way, to be forced to make judgements on who's right and who's wrong.
In Parsha Ki Sisa we learned about the herbal recipe that made up the ketores (incense offering) and one point chasidus brings down is in the ketores one ( maybe more) of the herbs has a pungent and/ or unpleasant smell but is necessary and the ketores is representative of the Jewish nation. Now-a-days since we don't have temple offerings we have prayers instead and we all could have a chance at bring tikun olam to the world if perhaps we drop our sense of entitlement and spiritual arrogance and try instead for shalom and shalimus (wholeness). Does anyone know how hard it is to walk-the-walk of the derech of Torah according to Halacha when you have hurt feelings toward someone or government or organization ? But this is, I feel, the acid test of emuna and bitachon. How much do u feel Hashem's light, love, presence etc when your under fire emotionally, spiritually and cv physically?
It takes a lot of fundamental and maintanance drills to stay in fit spiritual condition to meet the challenges anyone of us is faced with.
In closing, I am part of tehillim group for Erertz Yisroel and there is most likely an abundance of tehillim groups with you guys in mind so keep your chins-up and actively exercise your emunah muscles.
Revealed blessings, happiness and salvations for everyone, selah!

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