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Blessed Rainfall: Lachish River Comes Alive

After almost a year of total drought, the 50 km-long Lachish River, which runs from the Judean Hills all the way to Ashdod and the Mediterranean, was completely dried up. Right before Purim, after almost a million people gathered in Jerusalem and prayed for rain, three days of blessed rainfall graced the Land of Israel from north to south. Here's what the river looked like after the rains:


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what a beautiful beautiful scene rabbi. may it be the forerunner for the arrival of Redemption to the j people. may your merits bring compassion to the rest of the world.

Lori, The Netherlands

The "Whispering Soul" CD is so calming. "No Fear" is my favorite song on the CD. I play the CD and I feel completely at peace. Thank you.

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