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Join the "Guard Your Eyes" Conference Call is delighted to make the following announcement:

Join Rabbi Lazer Brody
For a Special Live Broadcast
With Hashem's loving grace, a Live Broadcast will take place on the "Guard Your Eyes" Conference Call tomorrow, Thursday evening March 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM local time.  The Shiur is entitled "LOVE NOT LUST"  and will give critically important insights and support to all of us struggling with lust and guarding one's eyes and personal holiness.  
This Shiur is open For Men Only.  And can be attended by dialing the following Conference Call number:
- From Israel at 7:00 PM, call (076) 599-0060 and enter Access Code 637207#
- From the US at 12 Noon EST, 9:00 AM West Coast, call (209) 255-1000 and enter Access Code 637207#
- From the UK at 5:00 PM, call +44 (0) 784 843 2913 and enter Access Code 637207#
We hope you will gain much and enjoy the Live Broadcast!



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dov stein

the link to this lecture is not working

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