The Thorn in Haman's Side
"Vitamin E" North America Speaking Tour, June, 2014


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May the Torah at Rav Arush shlitas Kollels dispel Hashems wrath . In the merit of the eishet chayellas of those engaged in Torah Mitzvot and acts of kindness subdue Hashems wrath . May the peyot and kriat shemas of innocent jewish boys and girls subdue Hashems wrath . May there innocence be like Esther Hamalcha was before she accepted the shilah of Mordehai in a time of danger you may marry a non jew ". May we break through into Nissan the month of geulah yetziat am -reika =america , the 50th gate , personal prayer of rav Nathan of Breslov and Tehillim , as the Lubavitcher rebbe quoted navi " As in your going forth from egypt ill show you wonders " . May we speedily see the wonders of the pure daat of the 50th gate of salvation as described by the ramchal . May Tehillim sprout forth from the young to the aged to the nursing babe relying on its mother .

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