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Rhythm of the Heart

Rhyth of the Heart

Hebrew, the holy tongue, has many Divine secrets in every word that reveal the inner dimensions of Hashem's creations. The new month is the heart of creation's cycle of renewal. Our Kabbalistic sages teach that the lunar month is the heart of time, for the lunar month is the pulse of creation just like the rhythm of the heart.

The Hebrew word for "new" is chadash, while the word for "month" is chodesh, both come the same root and are spelled identically - chet, daleth, shin.

The Hebrew word for "moon" is levana. The first two Hebrew letters of levana are lamed-bet, which spell lev, or heart.

If the entire universe were a body, then the moon would be the heart, for it is the pulsation of creation. That's why Judaism uses the lunar calendar. The main two characteristics of the moon are heart and renewal; a woman's monthly renewal of fertility testifies to the fact that the lunar month is truly the heart of creation's cycle of renewal.

To gain more of an insight to the moon as rhythm of the heart, which is the underlying theme of Shabbat Chodesh which is this coming Shabbat, see my feature article Rhythm of the Heart on this week's soul-satisfying issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

One of the intrinsic lessons of this week's Torah portion - Tazria - is that the body and the soul are one; therefore, any medical treatment can only be effective if a person treats the blemish to his soul that corresponds to the affliction to his body. Intriguing? Read all about it in my elaboration of this week's parsha entitled, The Bond of Body and Soul.

What does wealth have to do with cleaning for Passover? My beloved teacher Rabbi Shalom Arush explains in The Blessing of Wealth.

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Where's Racheli? Breslev Israel's popular columnist Racheli Reckles is on maternity leave, but she'll be back very soon, G-d willing.

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