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Sacred or Profane?


Although there are limitless levels of holiness, and equivalent levels of the opposite, nothing can be sacred or profane simultaneously. In Judaism, something is pure or impure, kosher or not kosher, sacred or profane. There is no middle ground between the two and no hybrids.

The closer we get to Moshiach, the more difficult it will be to straddle both sides of the fence. Read all about it in Sacred or Profane, my feature article in this week's issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

This coming Shabbat is known as "Shabbat Parah", when we read about the red heifer and spiritual purification. Since one of the requirements for taking part in the mitzva of sacrificing and eating the Pascal lamb is ritual purity, once Purim is over, we begin to prepare ourselves for Passover by learning what one must do to become ritually pure. For that reason, we read Parshat Parah – the account of preparing the red heifer. My article Double Dimensions tells all about it.

My esteemed and beloved teacher Rav Shalom Arush gives an insight into the dangers of Amalek in The Ice Villain.

Read a parent's candid self-assessment in A Parent Confesses, by L. Barr.

Dr. Zev Ballen tells about Asher, who fell into a rut of pornography at a young age.

David Perlow discovers that a person can be happy by making a Fresh Start.

Arlyn Boltax hepls us eat healthy in Sugar is not Simcha.

Rivka Levy renews our faith in our fellow human in The Kindness Down There.

Have a wonderful week with every blessing! Hashem loves you, and we do too.


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